Who Can Join?

The Field of membership for this Credit Union will be those having the following common bond:

  • Employees of the state of West Virginia..
  • Eligible employees of other political subdivisions of the state of West Virginia's Public Employees Retirement System and/or PEIA as defined in the West Virginia Public Employees Retirement Act.
  • Employees of county boards of education of the state of West Virginia.
  • Retired employees of the state of West Virginia.
  • Employees of this Credit Union.
  • Students at public universities and colleges.
  • Members of their immediate families, and
  • Organizations of such persons.

Member Groups

Barbour County Commission
Kanawha County Reappraisal Group
Pleasant County Employees
Bluewell Public Services District
Kanawha/Charleston Health Dept.
Pocahontas County Employees
Boone County Commission
Lewisburg, City of
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital
Boone County Health Department
Lincoln County Commission
Public Employees - State of WV
Boone County Schools
Lincoln County Health Dept.
Public Emp's - Retirement Board
Braxton County Commission
Logan County Emergency Services
Public Safety Retirement
Brooke County Health Department
Logan County Employees
Putnam County Health Dept.
Cabell Huntington Health Dept.
Logan County Health Dept.
Raleigh County Memorial Airport
City of Charleston
Malden Public Service District
Randolph County Health Dept.
Clay County Commission
Mason County Employees
Regional Governmental Council
Clay County Health Department
McDowell County Commission
Retired Employees - State of WV
Dunbar Housing Authority
McDowell County Schools
Ritchie County Commission
Elinor Hurt Memorial Center
Mercer County Employees
Roane County Commission
Fayette County Commission
Mingo County Economic Commission
Sharpe Hospital
Glenville State College
Mingo County Employees
St. Albans City Employees
Grandview Park
Mingo County Housing Authority
Summers County Commission
Grant County Health Department
Mingo County Public Defenders
Summers County Schools
Greenbrier County Commission
Monongalia County Employees
Upshur County Courthouse
Greenbrier County Home Agency
Monroe County Commission
Wayne County Employees
Hampshire County Health Dept.
Monroe Health Center
Wayne County Health Dept.
Hardy County Schools
Montgomery City Employees
Webster County Schools
Harrison County Health Dept.
Nicholas County Employees
West Virginia State Bar
Hinton City Employees
Nicholas County Schools
Wetzel County Employees
Hinton Sanitary Board
Northern Wayne P.S.D.
Wirt County Employees
Housing Authority Mingo County
Oak Hill, City of
Wirt County Schools
Kanawha City Parks Commission
Parkway Authority(Turnpike)
WV Association of Counties
Kanawha County Employees
Pendleton County Health Dept.
Wyoming County Commission
Kanawha County Public Defenders
Pendleton County Schools
Wyoming County Schools